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5D Emotion Scan

``The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness.``

Lao Tzu

Like the ETA-Scan, the 5D Scan uses specialized software to display graphic visualizations representing the vibrational “information field” of the body, but the emphasis is on emotion. Not only does everything physically have a vibration, but the same applies for every statement, thought, experience, feeling or dimension.

So what defines a dimension?

Dimensions are quintessentially, the aspects of what we recognize to be reality. Whichever dimension our consciousness is on, be it the 3D, 4D or 5D we are still experiencing the same reality, but rather our way of perceiving it is completely different.

The 3rd Dimension

As three dimensional beings, we comprehend the length, width and height of our surroundings, but whether we look beyond this physical realm is what sets us apart. Thoughts, feelings, and actions are reactions from unconscious beliefs, and training to the people and situations that pop up in our bubble. The 3rd dimension is the crossroad where we decide, do we open up to the freedom of choice, and thinking outside the box? Or do we carry on this linear pathway of only believing in the material world, what we can see and hear and touch?

The 4th Dimension

According to Hermann Minkowski who contributed to Einsteins General Theory of Relativity “every event in the universe is an event in four-dimensional space-time”. For example the event of your birth. You came into the world at a certain ‘3 dimensional’ place, but at a certain time which cannot be physically measured.

Focus in the 4th dimension of ‘time and space’, is the present, not about ‘yesterday’ or ‘tomorrow. The vibration resonates higher, and you crave a lifestyle from the heart that is totally different from the conformity of the third dimension. There are still darker sides to our personalities but there is a hunger for knowledge and purpose.

The 5th Dimension

We have become maestros of our thoughts and feelings, and all emotional and mental baggage can now be left at the door. In this heightened consciousness, actions are based on love and compassion, and not just for others but especially ourselves. This dimension is related to the interconnection of all beings, to the dignity and divinity that transcends ego, fear and judgement.

The 7th Dimension

We each have seven main energy reservoirs that connect our energy body ‘lifeforce’ to our physical body. The root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras. These spinning ‘wheels’ receive and convey vitality along meridian lines, the highways that deliver energy to every organ and physiological system in the body.

Stress, physical trauma and negative emotions can cause traffic jams within this intricate system, and the trapped energy flow can result in physical illness and mental and emotional blockages.

Benefits of the Fifth Dimension Scan

When you come for a session on the 5D scan, together we assess your currently existing ’emotional loads and conditions’ beginning with the Cell through to the Soul level. Topics that may come to light range from your relationship with family, life partner, emotional trauma and injuries, states of mind – old patterning, letting go, unconditional love & forgiveness, belief systems and the transformation phase.

To acknowledge and bring to consciousness the emotional and physical triggers that are impacting on your life, is like lifting a great weight from the body. With the release of these blockages, freedom entails, enabling the healing process, and the transformation to the next dimension.

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