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Introducing the ETA-Scan

If two separate objects vibrate at the SAME frequency, they become energetically connected… even without touching.

A comprehensive software system that compares the ‘resonant frequency’ of every cell, organ and tissue in the human body to a database of thousands of ‘ideal’ referenced diagnoses and conditions.

The ETA-Scan provides detailed graphics representing the organ or structure being scanned, with symbols to display low energy, deterioration or overload. These imbalances may be caused by viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, processed foods, environmental toxins and even emotional trauma etc.

To understand how the ETA-Scan works, envisage Epstein Barr* (responsible for glandular fever), lurking in your liver causing havoc. Via bio-resonance the ETA-Scan technology can match the frequency of this virus, and disable ‘shatter’ it.

There is an extensive list of treatment frequencies in the data base to choose from – these range from Nutrition, Bioregulatory Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Bioenergetic Frequencies, Tissue (Mineral) Salts and Energy Acupuncture to name a few.

A profound and detailed tool, the ETA-Scan helps us to identify what may be at the ‘root cause’ of your symptoms, whilst raising your vibration and energy at the same time.

**Because we are reading the information field of your physical being, toxins are not necessarily physical manifestations (these could have been from the past) but their imprint has offset your vibrational harmony. It is the ‘vibrational harmony’ that needs restoring to nurture you back to homeostasis – or physical well-being.

How does the ETA-Scan work?

Via Bio-resonance

Resonance occurs when energy is transferred between two or more sources that vibrate at the same frequency – every body and every thing has a resonant frequency.

For example each distinct musical note has a unique frequency. When you pluck a string on a guitar perfectly tuned to another nearby, the resulting sound wave travels across and resonates with the corresponding string on the second guitar. This causes that string to vibrate too.

Have you ever seen or heard of an opera singer shattering a crystal glass with the sound of their voice? When someone taps a glass, it emits a natural resonant frequency. To induce shattering, the pitch of a person’s voice must match the resonant frequency of the glass – with the vibration becoming higher and higher, connecting with the exact frequency of the glass until it finally breaks.

Even when you open or lock your car door with a push-button keypad, you are sending out a unique frequency that only resonates with YOUR vehicle.

1. Visualization

The ETA-Scan gives a visualization of the body part or organ being scanned, and energetic symbols display the level of energy balance, imbalance, deterioration, or overload that is present at each assessment. This allows us to target the therapy to the most appropriate energetically disturbed tissues and visually chart the improvement. For example the client above has had ongoing problems with her thyroid, the red number 5 over the throat indicates that this region needs some attention.

2. Bioregulatory Medicine

On the ETA-Scan the connective tissue represents the extracellular matrix, an intricate network and terrain of fluids that bathe and nourish every cell in the human body.

In our clinic we use Bioregulatory Medicine, a modality that helps stimulate the body’s innate healing response by regulation – not suppression of conditions. Specific micro-dose herbal and mineral formulations enable detoxification and cleansing of the extracellular matrix, cellular regeneration and ultimately restoration of informational flow.

3. Identify Disruptions

The Hypothalamus is the part of the brain that conveys messages from the brain to the adrenals, the pituitary and other organs. Ultimately it is responsible for hormonal balance, circadian rhythms, body temperature and overall energy levels.

The brain isn’t a hardwired machine, it is more like a plant that when nurtured, can heal and regenerate. The ETA-Scan can identify the origins of disruption, and send frequencies to help rewire and repair emotional or physical blocks. For more information on how the brain heals The Brain’s way of Healing.

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