Chakra Therapeutic Oil Set


Our Chakra Therapeutic Oils each have a unique blend of Magnesium, Organic Essential oils, and First Light Flower Essences created to help balance specific areas within the body.

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Strength – This grounding base oil helps to provide structure, security and support. Use for inflammation, cramps, poor circulation and fatigue.

Creativity – To energize our sacral chakra where the spark of creation takes place. Use for fertility, PMS, hormonal imbalance and inflammation.

Courage – To ignite your digestive fire and metabolism. Reduce bloating and pain. Promotes self-worth, confidence and determination.

Love – Opens the heart to giving and receiving love. Encourages blood flow and circulation, and helps strengthen the lungs and immunity.

Truth – For clear communication and expression. Releases tension in the throat, jaw, neck and shoulders. For thyroid issues and teeth pain.

Intuition – Promotes clarity, inspiration, awareness and enlightenment. For headaches, poor vision, insomnia, mental fog and anxiety.

Connection – To spirituality, imagination, optimism, our thoughts, feelings and consciousness. Tones, tightens and revitalizes the skin and face.


With Nutrition, Natural and Energy Therapies in our toolkit, we have the knowledge, strengths and experience to help you on the road to maximum health and happiness in all aspects of your LiFE.