Life Force Energy

About Us

Each and every one of us has our own vibrational signature. It runs through our entire being like a river of life – the essence of our body, our consciousness and our soul. These vibrations govern our overall well-being, determining which life experiences, events and relationships resonate with us. This is what we call LiFE Force Energy.

A comprehensive software system that compares the ``resonant frequency`` of every cell, organ and tissue in the human body.

Graphic visualizations representing the vibrational “information field” of the body, but the emphasis is on emotion.

A marriage of Nutrition and Bioresonance Therapy, a modality that recognizes the energy and power of food.

As the flow energy moves through our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies, it can become unbalanced, stagnant or blocked.


What our clients say about us


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With Nutrition, Natural and Energy Therapies in our toolkit, we have the knowledge, strengths and experience to help you on the road to maximum health and happiness in all aspects of your LiFE.