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Free Discovery Call

Kia Ora and welcome to our Explore, Empower and Transform 30 day Mentorship! 

Please answer the questions below, so we can get to know you before our Discovery call.

We look forward to connecting, and if you require extra support with these questions, please email

Sending Nourishing Smiles and Groovy Vibes, Talk soon Kathleen x

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    Date of Birth:
    Are you currently working with a Nutritionist or Health Practitioner? Have you worked with a Nutritionist in the past?
    With regards to your wellbeing, what does ultimate health mean to you? Please be specific:
    What are your current health barriers that you are experiencing right now?
    These could be mental, physical, or emotional. Please go into detail?
    What is it about this moment that feels the time is right to make a change?
    What do you feel LiFE Force Energy can offer you?
    How committed are you to invest your time, energy, money & devotion into becoming the healthiest, vibrant, best version of yourself you can possibly be?

    Is there anything else you would like to add?


    With Nutrition, Natural and Energy Therapies in our toolkit, we have the knowledge, strengths and experience to help you on the road to maximum health and happiness in all aspects of your LiFE.