“I had the pleasure to meet Kat and Cindy when I was still living in Opua who already then helped me immensely on the journey of healing my skin condition. I moved back to Switzerland end of July last year, and decided to pursue the healing of my skin with them by continuing seeking advice on a nutritional and holistic level, and then scheduled a remote ETA scan session beginning of February this year. 
My previous experience and knowing that healing by proxy is totally achievable, has been totally reinforced with the ETA-Scan session via skype with Kat. 
I felt very relaxed the next morning, and peaceful and made sure to drink lots of water to flush the toxins out of my body. 
Kat and Cindy are an absolute fountain of knowledge when it comes to holistic healing and nutrition combined, and they are always so responsive in regards to any question you might have for them. I am still very much enjoying the meal plan as well, that Kat has very carefully put together for me with close consideration of my unique requirements. 
Thank you Kat and Cindy for being my true nutritional and wisdom anchor on my healing journey, even when we are currently living on the opposite site of the globe from one another”. – Emilie

“After a Reiki/Quantum touch session with Cindy, I know that Life Force Energy is the most appropriate name for the work she does. Today I find myself with an inner tranquility that has long been missing for me. A feeling of well being radiates through me.  I am usually sceptical of others energy melding with my own, but that is exactly what happened. And Cindy’s light is both vibrant and loving.  
I also find the use of their transdermal magnesium, made up specially for me works wonders. It even eliminates some arthritic aches that I have grown used to living with. Night cramps melt away after applying it and I sleep better.
If you are considering a consultation, I recommend you do so. I make this recommendation without reservations.
Love and  light” – Deborah

“Kat, you have been helping me and many of my clients with your remedies in the past, and since I met you from your beginnings I have been always impressed how intuitive you pick up what the soul needs and and how fast and natural you put all your homeopathic herbs or essences together in a bottle!” – Lisa
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